The Net has and always will be a numbers game, and some of the best business ideas trace their beginnings to one key statistic. Here are a few numbers that every business owner and marketer should know in 2015.

1. Google+No One

  • 90% of people who created a Google+ profile have never posted publicly. (Stone Temple Consulting)

2. Non-sequitor

  • 68% of social media users ignore the brands they follow. (Kinetco)

3. Well Spent

  • Businesses that spend $1 on email marketing see an average return on investment of $44.25. (ExactTarget)

4. Your Loss, Your Competititor’s Gain

  • 78% of surveyed small-businesses in the U.S. reported not having a mobile solution for their business, despite knowing that apps and responsive designs would likely be beneficial. (Endurance International Group via eMarketer)

5.  Seeing Is Buying

  • 64% of surveyed users said that they are more likely to buy a product after seeing a video (comScore via Video Brewery)

6. Writing Still Counts

  • 85% of executives prefer text over video and audio when researching their business decisions. (MarketingProfs)

7. Hang on a Second …

  • 41% of respondents told Gallup that they check/access their smartphone several times an hour on average; 11% reported checking their smartphones every few minutes. (MarketingProfs)

8. All the News that Fits on Your Screen

  • 63% of users on both platforms say they receive the latest news via Facebook and Twitter (Pew Research Center)

9. Still Unlinked

  • Only 1 out of 3 professionals on the planet has a LinkedIn profile. (LinkedIn Profile Writer via WASM)

10. WTF?

  • 56% of polled marketers admit that they have no guiding strategy for their content marketing! (Smart Insights via The Content Strategist)

Pat McKenna

Pat McKenna is a digital strategist, social media manager, web designer and founder of MojoWeb Productions, LLC. in Milwaukee, WI.


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