5 Infographics for Digital SMBs

Don’t have the time to read up on social media and Internet trends? No worries! Check out the following infographics to bring yourself up-to-speed on the latest marketing and technology trends. For even more visual insights, visit the Best Infographics Blog.

Fun Fact: People remember 80% of what they see and do and only 20% of what they read.

The Blogging Food Groups

Absolutely love this one, because it uses the classic food groups (even condiments!) to guide small businesses in developing daily content for their blogs. It may even have the added effect of subliminally improving your real diet as well!

Facebook Advertising Cheat Sheat

Ready to take the plunge into advertising on Facebook? Then this is the only infographic you’ll need (for the moment!) to navigate your way through the platform’s various advertising placements, dimensions and other specifications for both screen and mobile presentations. First timers should also take advantage of the invaluable eBooks and other resources provided in Nanigan’s Facebook Advertising For Beginners.

Social Media Cheat Sheet For Brands

Not sure which social network is right for your business? Maybe you’re starting to second guess if Facebook is the best place for your business? This infographic gives you a fantastic 10,000 foot view of all of the major social platforms, listing the pros and cons of each from a business perspective.

33 LinkedIn Tips in 140 Characters

LinkedIn has undergone significant changes over the last few years, transforming itself into the premier social platform for business professionals. But, far too many continue to use the site incorrectly. That stops right now with this great infographic from Ethos! And, seeing that the tips presented are only 140 characters, be sure to share the love with your clients and followers on Twitter.

Tips for Your Facebook Business Page

There’s no shortage of advice on the right and the wrong ways to manage your Facebook business page, but wouldn’t it be great to have a cheat sheet right next to your computer? Thanks to Bizzebee, mission accomplished!

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