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Anatomy of an E-mail Sale

All it took was one e-mail from Michael’s to get me to buy a new frame, and it was so simple that any small business could pull off the same thing for FREE using MailChimp!

Can You Teach Creativity?

A couple years back I was speaking to a class of entrepreneurs about digital marketing and the instructor posed a provocative question: “Can you teach creativity?” The short answer is no, but the long answer is “YES!”

MojoWeb Launches Digital Marketing Club for Small Businesses

Join Pat McKenna on the first Monday of each month at WCTC to get answers and gain insights into how to use the Web to grow your business. Best if all, it’s FREE!

Fake News Links Harm Your Professional Reputation

If you’re a professional or an organization, an unknowing share to a fake news site can jeopardize your reputation whether you like it or not.

Content, Content Everywhere … For the Taking!

Creating content rich experiences for your customers is as using a simple as gathering up the right (free!) ingredients and mixing them together into a great blog post.

Summerfest Web Site Fails … Again

Year after year, Summerfest’s web site has consistently hamstrung fans with a dizzying array of glaring usability issues, poor UX design, buggy programming and sloppy content architecture.

What SMBs Can Learn from the NRA

Politics aside, there’s a great deal that SMBs can learn from the NRA about how to connect with customers in the digital age.

Fixing Facebook … By Subscription

If Facebook split its platform into free and subscription based, many of its current problems might disappear and more money would follow.

Facebook Forces Small Business Owners to Look in the Mirror

After much reflection, I’m actually in agreement with Facebook’s proposed news feed changes.

They’re needed, because too many businesses have ignored the most important part of social media marketing — being social.

Facebook: Dead End for SMBs

Facebook has announced significant changes to its filtering algorithm that are a death knell for the majority of small businesses.

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