Don’t Buy Likes … Ever!

One of the frustrations small business owners face in managing their Facebook pages is getting more Likes for their pages. Perception may count for a great deal in the social world, but you might be surprised to learn that many Facebook business pages that boast large numbers of followers actually purchased their Likes from “click farms.” That’s right! Pay one of these outfits $40 and they’ll deliver 10,000 Likes to your page in no time.

Online marketing blog Wishpond lists three reasons against this unscrupulous practice in a post entitled, aptly enough, “Should You Buy Facebook Likes?” Sure, you’ll get your 10,000 Likes, but you’ll also get some undesirable outcomes as well, including:

  • Low engagement, which will yield a lower Edgerank and rob you of reach to your real audience
  • Alienating your real Likes and –drum roll, please –
  • Those 10,000 Likes will never become your customers!

For an even broader discussion of the problems with purchasing Likes, watch the video below from Vertical Response:

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