What SMBs Can Learn from the NRA

Politics aside, there's a great deal that SMBs can learn from the NRA about how to connect with customers in the digital age.

Fixing Facebook … By Subscription

If Facebook split its platform into free and subscription based, many of its current problems might disappear and more money would follow.

Facebook: Dead End for SMBs?

Facebook has announced significant changes to its filtering algorithm that are a death knell for the majority of small businesses, who don't advertise on the platform.

Facebook for SMBs: Stone Cold Truth

I've always been cool to using Facebook for marketing small businesses. With Facebook's latest changes to its filtering algorithm, cool has turned stone cold.

DIY Web Sites: Pretty House, No Furniture

Using DIY outfits like Squarespace or WIX might save you a few bucks, but whether your Web site is truly functional and customer ready is an entirely different matter.

What I’m Reading …

Need a digital marketing reading list? Here's a list of recent articles that answer vexing questions about social media, email marketing and more.

Real World SEO Tactics

I've become an avid fan of BackLinko Founder Brian Dean. Unlike his SEO colleagues, Brian offers real world SEO tactics that any small business owner use.
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