Web Design Services

If cool pictures, your logo and some brochure copy were the only requirements for great Web site, the Net’s current crop of DIY web site builders would be booming. Unfortunately, many small business owners tell us that their attempts to build a site “on the cheap” fell way short of their expectations, and, in some cases, even drove away business.

What distinguishes MojoWeb from other web design firms is that we’re not in the business of just churning out “pretty sites.” Our focus is on marrying great designs with the rights tools and features to strategically market and grow your business. It’s just that simple. After all, what’s the worth of a Web site if it’s not having a positive impact on your bottom line?

Our work is guided by best-in-class web design practices to ensure that all sites leaving our shop conform to accepted industry standards for all media, from PCs and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

We strive to actively involve our clients in the process of developing their sites. Why? Because we consider your web site to be a crucial component of your business development efforts. To that end, we work with key staff to translate your business goals into effective, traffic driving presentations.

Design/Programming Services

  • Custom WordPress Designs/Themes
  • WooCommerce E-commerce Platforms
  • Database Programming/Integrations
  • WordPress Blogs (Installation/Design)
  • E-mail Promotion and Newsletter Design
  • E-mail Template Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Audio/Video Podcast Production

Social Media Design Services

  • Facebook/Twitter Business Pages
  • You Tube Channel Design
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Facebook/LinkedIn/AdWords Advertising
  • Audio/Video Podcast Production

Consulting Services

  • Social Media Strategy and Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Blog Ghostwriting
  • E-mail Marketing Campaigns
  • Google AdWords/PPC Campaign Management
  • Google Analytics Implementation and Analysis
  • Digital Ad Campaign Coordination/Strategy
  • Wireframing/UX Prototyping

MojoWeb is proud to partner with the following companies to deliver exceptional service and value to our clients.


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